Flash: ON   May 29, 2016 
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Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath Presiding Prelate
Dr. Susan Leath Episcopal Supervisor
Rev. Dr. Terence Mayes, Sr. Presiding Elder
Rev. Kenneth D. Love, Sr. Pastor
Rev. Paul C. Adkins Presiding Elder Emeritus, Staff Minister
Bro. Robert Parks Administrative Assistant
Sis. Kathy Green Financial Secretary
Bro. Edsel Brooks and Bro. Robert Parks Statistician(s)
Bro. Edsel Brooks Steward Board Pro Tem
Bro. Richard Williams Trustee Board Pro Tem
Sis. Mamie Hamler Christian Education Director
Sis. Elluwead Love Church School Superintendent
Bro. Richard Williams Class Leader Vice-Chair
Bro. Ray Hill, Sr. Public Relations Director
Bro. Kenneth Parks Chief Musician (Minister of Music)
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