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Remember the 2015/2016 Conference Year started July 1, 2015!

VLER - Retail Immunization Program

There is an Internet ATM hoax making the rounds. I guess with the advent of the new “chip” cards, it was regurgitated for circulation. It indicates you can alert law enforcement that you are in distress, or being forced to withdraw money from your ATM account by entering your PIN in reverse. THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE! You can read the report about this and other suspected Internet misinformation at http://www.snopes.com/business/bank/pinalert.asp .
The holiday season is fast approaching. If, like me, you have a debit card, the following “ATM Safety Tips” may be of use to you. These guidelines may not work (be convenient) for everyone (new “chip” credit cards users should use pin number), but I've found them extremely useful in my travels. You can read about the industry recommended ATM safety tips at      http://www.bankrate.com/finance/checking/10-consumer-tips-for-atm-safety-and-security.aspx .
I was once advised by some of my military cohorts who are in law enforcement to combat this issue by:
  • Not using PIN numbers at ATMs (not using ATM at all)
  • Always select "CREDIT" when using debit card in stores
  • Using a credit instead of debit card wherever possible (always use PIN here)
  • Requiring picture ID to use your card(s)
  • Not carrying large amounts of cash, or none at all if you can get by
  • Comply if you are confronted
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May this Ministry and its congregation offer you the opportunity to grow spiritually. We trust that you will be uplifted and encouraged as we share together in fellowship. May your burdens be lifted, may you feel comforted and as the Lord reveals His plan and purpose in your lives, may you be inspired and encouraged to become active and involved. We are a group of people who love the Lord and that makes for a caring and sharing church where the Work is all Divine.

Be encouraged with God's Word:  John 15:5

"I am the Vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in Me
and I in him, he will bear much fruit"

God bless you and keep you - may His light continue to shine upon you.


Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath, Presiding Bishop
Reverend Terence L. Mayes, Sr.
, Presiding Elder
Reverend Kenneth D. Love, Sr., Pastor
Reverend Paul C. Adkins, Associate Minister



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